Jennifer and Will! I am so humbled by the kindness of this couple. We are surrounded by negativity on a daily basis so it’s so refreshing to feel the positivity of others. Jennifer and Will are a reminder that goodness still exists. They met at State University of New York at Fredonia and have been married since 2008 with the cutest 8-year-old dog Lola. I’m so grateful for my time with them. Please enjoy our conversation.

Woo Forever: Love is?

Jennifer: Love is unconditional.

Will: Love is love. Love understands.

Woo Forever: Did you have any idea of what marriage was going to be like?

Jennifer: No. I wish we had talked with someone beforehand.

Will: No. I mean I saw what other couples were doing and so I had an idea of what it would be like.

Woo Forever: What’s been the greatest joy about being with each other?

Jennifer: I enjoy watching our growth. He has my back. I know I can depend on Will.

Will: Having somebody to grow with. Someone who’s helping me grow and watching me grow. I enjoy watching her grow.

Woo Forever: What came as a surprise to you?

Jennifer: That we really have to operate as a unit. I was so used to operating alone and only having to think about myself. I still do that but now I have to work as a unit to be successful.

Will: Having to adapt because life throws so many things at you. Working as a unit helps me adapt to the changes.

Woo Forever: What advice would you give to those considering marriage?

Jennifer: Have a plan. I would ask questions like, what do you both want to get out of it? Will and I have known each other forever and I’m still learning things about him that I didn’t know. I’d also encourage them to really try and get to know the person and find out what they expect out of the relationship.

Will: Talk to other married couples, especially older married couples. Do some planning ahead of time. You will no longer make decisions by yourself. Before, I could go out and do stuff without running it by her but now I run it by her or give her a heads up.

Woo Forever: How do you get through the hard stuff?

Jennifer: I don’t know that there is a right answer other than just being there for each other. We are physically and emotionally here for each other.

Will: I think it’s knowing her and how she deals with things. She knows me, so I may not tell her something is bothering me but she can see it.

Woo Forever: What lessons have you learned about yourself and/or the relationship?

Jennifer: It’s not easy. I’ve learned to hold my tongue. I’ve learned that I don’t have to say everything just because I may feel something about him or the situation.

Will: Relationships are work. It’s ongoing work. I can’t get complacent; I have to put in the work. It’s easy because I can be myself. It could be days where we are just being silly and doing nothing; and then there are days when you have to do the work.

Woo Forever: What lessons do you still have to learn?

Jennifer: How to communicate better. Also, I’m a daddy’s girl so I have to learn not to pick up the phone and ask daddy when I should talk things through with my husband.

Will: I’m always learning how to say things in a way that doesn’t offend her. I can be straightforward. I’m always trying to figure out the right way to say what I need to say.

Woo Forever: How did you learn to trust each other?

Both: We met each other at a very young age. It was almost natural to trust each other. I guess when you look back on what you’ve gone through, life-changing things, milestones, you look back to see who’s had your back; that builds a lot of trust.

Woo Forever: How do you keep it going?

Both: We like to do and try different things. We like having different experiences, learning about other cultures and traveling. We just started a swing dance class together.

Woo Forever: What do you love most about each other?

Jennifer: He has a very even personality. He doesn’t get upset a lot. At the heart of it he’s a really nice and good person. He has a really good heart. He likes to have fun and doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Will: She has a kind heart and she’s sweet.

Woo Forever: What’s been really easy?

Both: It’s easy to have fun. We can be homebodies but we like to go out too.

Woo Forever: What do you want Will to always remember?

Jennifer: I always joke, If we ever get divorced I will always be your friend.

Woo Forever: What do you want Jennifer to always remember?

Will: We will always be friends. We started out as friends; we will always be that.

Woo Forever: If you had to choose a song for your partner what would it be?

Jennifer: Lover’s Rock by Sade

Will: All Of Me by John Legend

Woo Forever: What roles do friends and family play in your relationship?

Both: We don’t involve our family and friends in our relationship. We take care of things between us for the most part. We like to do things with the family. Will is the son my dad never had. Our family is there if and when you need them. Our family is our support system.

Will: Family is everything.

Woo Forever: Final thoughts.

Jennifer: Have a conversation about finances and children. It’s weird because you don’t know what you don’t know. You will have to learn along the way because everyone is different. Make sure you develop good girlfriends so you have a balance outside of your marriage. 

Will: I think a relationship is work but when you are evenly yoked it’s easier. Come up with a plan. Get counseling before you get married. Have a life outside of just each other; it will help you to be a well rounded person.

Woo Forever’s final thoughts.

Thank you Jennifer and Will for being a part of this journey. May you both have all the wonderful life experiences you can handle. All the best to your ever-growing love and friendship. Love is unconditional and understanding. Woo forever.