“The key is to accept each other as individuals and together.” – Chris and Gail

As I walked to my car after talking with Chris and Gail, I was humbled by their truth, love and kindness. Chris and Gail will be married for 20 years in August. I asked them to finish my sentence love is. Together they said easy, comfortable and happy. After listening to their story and spending time with them, I understood better why they answered the way they did. I recently attended a love and intimacy workshop where the relationship expert advised the audience to try something different often to keep your relationship fresh. Chris and Gail went on a quest and they definitely kept it fresh. Please enjoy their interview. 

Woo Forever- What do you wish you’d known about marriage before you entered it?

Chris- I believe you need to live together before you get married. People change and you have to know what you are getting into.

Do things for the other person.” – Chris

Woo Forever- What’s been your greatest joy about being with each other?

Gail- He’s my best friend.

Chris- She accepts me the way I am.

Both- We didn’t and don’t try to change each other.

Woo Forever- What came as a surprise to you?

Both- How well we fell into place with each other, including stuff like the house chores.

Woo Forever- Did you have an idea of what happily ever after would look like for you?

Gail- I really didn’t know.

Chris- I didn’t know but I know that in the future I want to retire in paradise.

Woo Forever- What advice would you give to engaged or newlywed couples?

Gail- It’s important to be okay with who your partner is. When you commit to being together, commit to everything.

Chris- Trust and be okay with each other’s vices.

Both- Don’t ever do anything for spite.

“We tell the same stories when we are at parties because we share the same stories.”– Gail and Chris

Woo Forever- What lessons have you learned since being together?

Gail- Keep talking

Chris- Stop talking!

Both– Communication is key.

Woo Forever- How do you get through the hard stuff?

Both- We pull together. It’s not a time to blame each other. There’s nothing good that can come of that.

Woo Forever- How do you keep things exciting?

Both- We went on a quest to “get it on” in every state. We started in Philadelphia and ended in Washington State 13 years later. Our friends bought us a cardboard puzzle of all 50 states so, each time we returned home from a trip we would add the state or states we visited. We’ve been together for a long time; it’s different now, it’s about being comfortable and continuing to enjoy each other. We laugh a lot together.

“Compromise is good and there is such a thing as veto power.”– Gail and Chris

Woo Forever- What realities have you discovered about relationships?

Gail- The reality of compromise and faith in each other.

Woo Forever- What do you love most about your partner?

Gail- His acceptance. He’s the “goodest guy I’ve ever met.”

Chris- She puts up with me.

Woo Forever- Where do you see yourselves in five years? Ten?

Both- Some place warm.

Woo Forever- What goals have you set?

Both- To make more money to retire some place warm.

Woo Forever- How do you have fun?

Both- We have a lot of personal jokes between us which keeps us laughing. We finish each other’s lines.

Woo Forever- If you had to choose a song for your partner, what would it be?

Both- Our wedding song, I Want You, I Need You, I Love You by Elvis Presley.

“Through thick and thin we are in it together.” – Gail and Chris

What’s real and true is the love I witnessed between Gail and Chris. Nothing is ever perfect but it’s how we decide to deal with what life has to bring us. Facing life with a partner you trust and you know that has your back makes it easier to get through life.  I wish Gail and Chris an easy, comfortable, happy life; more of the same. Love is Sweet. Woo Forever. #everystate