There are moments that have changed my life.

Life is full of moments. Moments of brilliance, sadness, excitement, stillness…and there are moments that make such an impact that it’s changed my life. Last Thursday was one of those moments for me.

There’s a song by India Arie called Break The Shell. Every time I hear that song, I feel like it was written for me (most of her songs make me feel that way). India wrote the song after a discussion she had with the Cicely Tyson. She told India that it was time to break the shell-life’s going to hurt but it’s meant to be felt. I connect with every word of that song. Last Thursday I had a “Cicely Tyson” moment. This was my first time meeting Christalene (my henna artist). Before any words were spoken she had a card for me that said only see love. The very next thing she said was “you have a wall up, like the Berlin wall to be exact”. Like the song, she encouraged me to break down the wall and more. She was speaking so much truth into my life. There was lots more said, (I won’t bore you with the details) but all true.

My mission is to create space that will allow us to have healthy relationships by loving ourselves and others wholeheartedly. My hope is that the space created will allow us to live a more joyful and peaceful lives. This is an exploration of what love is for each one of us and finding the right answer for our specific needs. I believe we have the ability to decide what’s best for us and our situation without others telling us what feels right. I also believe if we learn to do this we can change this climate of hate, violence, and hurt.

To speak about love takes courage and vulnerability. I am a lover all day. I’m here for it actually, but there is a wall. Construction on the wall started in my preteens for sure and I just kept building it. Mostly, I was shielding myself from hurt and pain. I know it’s time for me to break the wall down. There’s one particular part of the song that stands out to me the most.

Courage is not being hard
It’s time to peel back all of the layers
You put between who you’re meant to be
And you who are
And go be who you are

So much disappointment to finally understand
That there is no such thing as perfect
We’re all simply doing the best that we can
And we have a choice to live or truly be alive

This is your life

Child it’s time to break the shell
Life’s gonna hurt but it’s meant to be felt
You cannot touch the sky from inside yourself
A bird cannot fly until it breaks the shell

May we all have the courage to break down the walls that hold us back.

Welcome to your next moment. Welcome to your next moment, Charmaine. Love is breaking the shell. Woo Forever.