Our purpose is to help move humanity into a greater sense of love in order to bring about hope, healing and peace.

Founder and CEO

Charmaine is a love strategist and believer in the innate goodness of humanity. As an advocate for love she promotes more and better love through transformative workshops. The love she speaks about is expansive and is not exclusive to romance. Her workshops can be adapted for self-care, in schools, corporations and communities. Charmaine has partnered with private and public schools, universities, nonprofit and for profit organizations in support of creating positive and flourishing environments. Her Love More. Love Better. movement was created to lead us all to freedom and joy. 

Charmaine knows how important love is in all aspects of life. She has been a Director and Vice President for professional organizations for over 15 years. She’s experienced unhealthy work environments. Her belief that if we could all create in positive work environments it would take organizations to heights they’ve never imagined before. 

When it comes to her personal life, Charmaine has been intentionally working on how to be a better family member, friend and community member. She hopes her journey of love will not only liberate her but everyone in her life. 

Charmaine has been featured on WTOP, WUSA 9, ABC News Channel 8, Howard County Magazine, The Baltimore Sun and the Laurel Leader. 

LoveShop Facilitator

About Love and Dr. Michael Washington

It’s hard for me to think of love without also thinking about self-consciousness, a deepening awareness of myself and my place in the world. It’s hard to consider love apart from a certain responsibility we bring to our spiritual selves and the ways we’re growing, and to the attachments that we develop to others along the way; which is to say, and we learn this from James Baldwin too, love is bound up with a responsibility to life!

Michael is a lifelong student of pedagogy, literature, culture, and Black and Queer studies. He received his PhD in philosophy from Kingston University in 2018, and currently lives and teaches in the Bay Area.

Vice President of Operations

Tasha is a mom, sister, aunt, and friend. She is known for setting goals and crushing them, which is why we affectionately call her Goal Crusher Extraordinaire. She joined the Woo Forever leadership team with an MBA and over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry. She brings her expertise and skills in project management, planning, and development to this love movement. Her vast experience also includes budget formulation and execution, contract negotiation and administration, and corporate training. Tasha’s strengths include organization, problem solving, and leadership. Her focus for Woo Forever is strategic planning and operations management.        

When it comes to love Tasha is all in. Her favorite phrase is, “I love love.” She enjoys spending time with her son Kai, dog Kona, godson Triston, and other members of her large family. She loves to bake and can whip together a delicious dessert from her kitchen pantry with a moment’s notice.