Cheerleader + Connector + Facilitator

If it all begins and ends with love, how does love work? Are we moving further away from love and human dignity? Is love powerful enough to move us in a direction of peace and happiness?

Woo – seek, invite, persuade love

Forever – without end

Creator of Woo Forever, Charmaine is a certified Holistic Health Coach. She spent the several years researching holistic living and believes that being healthy is represented by more than what’s on our plates. Maintaining healthy relationships is one of our primary ways of nourishing ourselves.

Charmaine believes it all begins and ends with love. How we love, our understanding of it and the narrative we put around it creates our reality. Her mission is to create a space that will help us feel, see, believe and understand the love thread that connects us; giving us the opportunity to live the best life we can on this earth.

Woo Forever is a social movement for change makers, individuals and couples to share, promote and expand the idea of love, through interviews, blogs and workshops. Please join us as we grow in our efforts to love more and love better.