April’s LoveShop Series

Do you feel the need to get more connected with yourself? Are you aware of how you show up in love? This is an invitation to come into this space of love. A safe space where you have permission to be brave enough to learn how to deeply know and love yourself. What I hope is that these LoveShops will offer you a chance to explore a new perspective regarding self-love. I challenge you to go deeper and discover ways to heal, find peace and experience joy.

These transformative and interactive sessions are held live on Zoom with Charmaine. Each session is 90-minutes and will run once a week for four-weeks. 

Join Charmaine for one of the LoveShop series. Here’s what you will gain from the sessions:

  • Access more self-awareness
  • Gain a deeper understanding of where you stand with love
  • Tools to work through what may be getting in the way of you thriving

Choose one of the LoveShop sessions below. I look forward to spending time with you. This investment is $297 for the series.

“I highly recommend this program. I experienced Charmaine as a skilled and compassionate teacher. She created an environment where we could engage deeply with her and each other. Through her guidance, I learned to approach love as a liberating force for positive change. This approach continues to help me heal the way I connect to others and myself.”  T Castro

“I had the privilege of joining the 4-part Love Workshop series recently and it was the best way I could have spent my time. I learned so much about myself, love and was able to get more intentional about love as I move forward in my life. The workshop was engaging, fun and thought provoking. Charmaine created a safe space to share, laugh and grow.”

– Gargi

“Through reflections and inventive exercises, Charmaine subtly guides us towards a better knowledge of ourselves and self-love. The opportunity to connect and find support with the other participants was icing on the cake.”


Your sessions and exercises allowed me to get clear. Allowed me to remember that loving myself like loving anyone else is an active practice. I felt safe to share and dig into my vulnerable places joined by a community of people dedicated to doing the same thing.”